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Chefferguys Catering and Personal Chef Service

Madison, IN

Contact Chris Owens at: (765) 561-9074  -  chris46173@yahoo.com

Menu Options


Charcuterie Trays (Fresh Fruits, Veggies, Various Proteins, and Cheeses) 

Spinach Artichoke Dip with Grilled Pita Bread • Bacon Wrapped Citrus Glazed Scallops • Peel and Eat or Cocktail Shrimp • Beer Cheese and Soft Pretzel Bites • Barbecue or Sweet Chili Thai Meatballs • Smoked Chicken Wings • Burnt Ends (Pork or Beef) • Cheeseball and Crackers •

Assorted Kabobs • Fire-Roasted Veggie Trays • Assorted Fruit/Veggie Trays • Assorted Wrap Trays • Sandwich Trays • Dessert Trays

( Pricing Varies starting at $45.00 per item - serves approx. 12-25 Guests )


◦ Pasta Bar ◦

Options include Classic Red Sauce, Cajun, Alfredo, Scampi, Citrus Garlic, Spicy Thai, Four Cheese, and others by request

Served with Chicken, Shrimp, Lobster, Crab, or Steak

Vegetarian Option served with Roasted Vegetables

Mexican Street Taco Bar

Choose from Seared Marinated Pork, Chicken, Shrimp, Steak, Classic Ground Beef, or Refried Beans

Includes Street Corn Casserole, authentic Black Beans and Rice, Fresh Watermelon or Pineapple Pico de Gallo, Shredded Cheese, Sour Cream, Guacamole, Salsa, Shredded Lettuce, Fresh Lime and Jalapeno Slices, and Freshly Grilled 6” Corn and Flour Tortillas

Roasted Chicken

Breasts or Thighs served Marinated and Roasted or add one of many available Glazes

Grouper or Chicken Florentine

Seared Grouper/Chicken smothered in a White Wine & Spinach Cream Sauce

New Orleans Jambalaya

Sausage, Shrimp, Rice, and Veggies Simmered to Perfection

◦ Smoked Pulled Pork or Beef BBQ ◦

Served with sauce choice of Naked, Apple Cider Vinegar and Brown Sugar, Classic BBQ, Carolina BBQ, Sriracha Bourbon or Sweet Chili Thai

Hoosier Sloppy Joes

Signature Homemade Sloppy Joes always topped with Shredded Cheddar and Dill Pickle Chips

All-American Breakfast/Brunch Bar

Numerous options available - the Perfect After-Party Breakfast

Smoked Pork Loin or Chicken  

Lasagna, Ravioli, or Baked Ziti 

Soup, Salad, and Flatbread (Many Soup Options Available) 

 Glazed Salmon or Grouper 

Bacon Wrapped Bourbon Glazed Filet 

Chicken, Shrimp, or Beef Stir Fry 

Scalloped Chicken and Noodles 

Roasted Rack of Lamb 

Baby Back or Spare Ribs 

Smoked Pork Chops


Roasted Red Potatoes • Signature Pineapple Island Rice • Scalloped Potatoes   Mashed Potatoes • Macaroni and Cheese (Beer Cheese or Sharp Cheddar) • Pan Seared Green Beans • Honey Roasted Carrots • Garlic Parmesan Brussel Sprouts • Classic Southern Collard Greens • Caesar Salad • Rice Pilaf • Potato Salad • Roasted Corn • Baked Potatoes • Baked Sweet Potatoes • Carolina Red Rice • Japanese Potato Salad • Roasted Broccoli • Cajun Cauliflower • Grilled Asparagus • Cheesy Potatoes • ColeSlaw • Creamed Spinach • Sweet Potato Casserole • Seared Veggie Medley • Roasted Corn on the Cob (Seasonal) • Fresh Tomato Salad (Seasonal)

Bread/Carb Options

Classic Dinner Rolls • Naan Bread • Flatbread • Garlic Bread • Southern Style Biscuits • Garlic Cheddar Biscuits • Pita Bread • Grilled Tortillas

Pricing Starts at $10.00 per Person and Varies Based on Meal Selection

Chefferguys Personal Chef Service


Let us come to you! We offer meal prep options in your home for your next family meal, get together or backyard party. Don’t stress the cooking or the mess! We got ya! Sky is the limit for menu options.

Hourly pricing for our in-home Chef Service starts at $30.00 per hour. You can provide the ingredients or leave the shopping up to us.

We also offer meal delivery service for 2 ppl to 300. We can deliver simple appetizers all the way up to a full meal.

Appetizers and Pricing:

Each Tray/Pan serves approximately 20-25 guests, we can do ½ servings of most items.


Sliders (Sliders include approx. 40 sandwiches per tray, and assorted sauces)

Sliced Smoked Pork Sliders                                 $60.00

Sliced, Marinated and Smoked Pork Loin

Pulled Pork BBQ or Naked Pulled Pork Sliders $60.00

Smoked Chicken Breast Sliders                     $60.00

Beef Filet Slider

Tender, Marinated Thinly Sliced Beef

Filet Served with Horsey sauce                                    $175.00

Ham and Cheese Sliders

Ham, Swiss and a Sweet Dijon Sauce                             $60.00


Charcuterie Tray

Meats, cheeses, Fruit, Nuts and Berries                          $65.00

Assorted Wrap Tray                                            $60.00

Meat and Cheese Tray                                     $70.00

Cheese Tray                                                                                $50.00

Fruit or Veggie Tray                                                           $50.00

Beer Cheese and Pretzel Bites                                         $50.00

Spinach Artichoke Dip

Served with Pita Bread                                                                 $40.00

Shrimp Cocktail                                                                     $85.00

Served with fresh lemon wedges and house made cocktail sauce.

Peel and Eat Shrimp                                                           $100.00




Choose from BBQ, Sweet Thai Chili, Honey Mustard or Carolina BBQ                                                                                                                $45.00

Burnt Ends

Beef                                                                                                    $75.00

Pork                                                                                                   $45.00

Fire Roasted Veggie Tray

Variety of Fresh Vegetables Seasoned and

Flash seared on the grill                                                              $60.00

Smoked Chicken Wings                                                        $50.00

Served with assorted dipping sauces

Bruschetta with Toasted French Bread         $45.00

Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms                              $60.00

Assorted Cheeseballs                                           $35.00

Served with Crackers

Assorted Pinwheel/Rollup Tray                         $85.00

Crab Dip                                                               $75.00

Fresh Pulled Crab mixed in a spicy cheese dip, served with Naan Bread

Assorted Grilled Kabobs                                     $85.00

Beef, Chicken, Pork and Veggies

Bacon Wrapped Scallops                                     $125.00

Jumbo Scallops wrapped with Bacon, Grilled and glazed with a sweet and savory Teriyaki/Bourbon sauce

Ala Carte Sides Menu:

Each side serves appr 20-25 guests for a full order, we can do ½ orders of most items upon request. Please allow at least 48hrs notice when ordering.


Get em’ While they’re HOT:


Macaroni and Cheese                                                             $40.00

Praline Topped Sweet Potato Casserole                       $40.00

Sage Dressing                                                                      $30.00

Apple Dressing                                                                    $35.00

Oyster Dressing                                                                   $60.00

Scalloped Potatoes                                                               $30.00

Loaded Mashed Potatoes                                                   $35.00

Broccoli Cheddar Rice                                                        $35.00

Pan seared Green Beans                                                 $30.00

Creamed Spinach                                                                 $40.00

Roasted Seasonal Veggie Medley                                  $30.00

Cajun Cauliflower                                                                  $35.00

Bourbon & Honey Glazed Carrots                                     $40.00

Garlic Parmesan Roasted Broccoli                                    $40.00

Stir Fried Veggie Medley                                                    $30.00

Roasted Asparagus                                                        $50.00

Glazed Baked Apples                                                          $40.00

Caraway Sauerkraut                                                       $35.00

Collard Greens                                                                     $35.00

Sauteed Cabbage                                                                 $30.00

SW Corn Casserole                                                              $40.00

Red Beans and Rice                                                       $40.00

Grilled Zucchini                                                                  $30.00

Carolina Red Rice                                                                $35.00

Mexican Rice                                                                       $30.00

Jalapeno Bacon Mac and Cheese                                  $50.00

Baked Beans                                                                      Cold   $30.00

Warm $35.00




Chill Out:


Potato Salad                                                                                $30.00

Japanese Potato Salad                                                $40.00

Fresh Tomato/Feta Salad

(Seasonal)                                                                      $40.00

Sweet and Sour Cucumber Salad                                    $30.00

Fruit Salad                                                                    $35.00

Cole Slaw                                                                                          $25.00

Sweet and Sour Slaw                                                            $25.00

Chipotle Chicken Pasta Salad                                         $40.00

Italian Rotini Salad                                                         $35.00

Ranch Pasta Salad                                                      $35.00

Blackened Shrimp Pasta Salad                                      $50.00

Macaroni Salad                                                                    $30.00

Creamy Cranberry Salad                                                      $35.00

Blackberry Feta Tossed Salad                                            $30.00

Caesar Salad                                                                         $30.00

Granola Topped Fruit and Yogurt Salad                           $40.00


Serving all of Central and Southern Indiana and Northern Kentucky Full service Catering and "to your door" Personal chef Service.